1. Choose a weekly or monthly meal plan.

2. Select your Portion size, Meal count per week, If you'd like extra protein to each meal, check if you would like to be added to auto-billing for quickest check out each week, then if you would like t the default menu each week (we choose your meals each week for you in an orderly sequence).

3. During check out, be sure to save your credit card info to your acct for quickest check outs when selecting the menu each week and BE SURE to add any order notes including detailed delivery instructions (gate codes, cooler bag placement, etc) so that we may provide you with the best experience! 

Once you have purchased your Set Meal Plan, you must be added to a group before you can begin selecting you meals (This will be done within 6 business hours). if you need quicker assistance, TEXT -> 850.629.6250 . Once you have been added to the group we will notify you via text from our office line with directions to choose your menu. This will only need to be done the first time you become a member.

* We will provide you with a complimentary cooler bag and ice packs on your first delivery! It will be your responsibility to leave the cooler bag and ice packs out each delivery day. If there is no bag, we will leave your meals where instructions tell us too in a thank you plastic bag. *