Frequently Asked Questions

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Meal plan & al a carte meal FAQ's Below

Menu posted: Thursday 10:00am   |   Menu selections due: Wed 11:59pm

*(Exceptions w/ national holidays)*

Sunday Delivery: 3:00pm - 8:00pm
(Monday & Tuesday menu selections)

Tuesday Delivery: 3:00am - 8:00pm
(Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday menu Selections)

*Fresh Prep Co is NOT responsible for lost or stolen meals and relieved of ANY food integrity issues once the delivery has been made to the destination of choice per instructions provided by the member. PLEASE be sure to fill out specific delivery instructions to ensure you receive your meals without issues.*




Office phone/Hours:
Text friendly: 850.629.6250

Sunday: 12:00 P.M. - 4:00 P.M.

Monday - Friday: 9:00 A.M. - 6:00 P.M.

Saturday: 10:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M.

Unfortunately, we DO NOT deliver on any national holidays. We will also be closed at our location. Please make arrangements in advance. We will send emails and notification via social media for your convenience.

Not available yet....


Would you like your place of business to be a pick up destination? Contact us directly via email.

Terms & Conditions                 Private Policy




1. Click the Menu tab.

2. Choose A la Carte Menu for individual selections or Set Meal Plans for the traditional meal plan Selections

3. For A la Carte menu, simply choose the meal you would like according to the delivery day in menu item title. ("SUN Menu Title" is delivered on Sunday & "WED Menu Title" is delivered on Wednesday's)

4. Now select the portion size, quantity & add to your cart.

5. For Set Meal Plans, choose how you would like to pay by choosing weekly or monthly.

6. Finish placing order, then wait for an email from us notifying you that we've added you to our Set Meal Plan group.

7. Now Log in & choose your meals under the menu tab with "Set Plans Menu"


-Quantity is the number of meals you would like of the same portion.
-Be sure to review your meals in the summary checkout.
If you would like to add more meals, simply continue to add to your cart. 

If this completes your order, check out and enter required information for purchase.
If you are unsure or have any questions prior to ordering, be sure to contact one of our team members.

If I order today when will my first meal arrive? 
If you have purchased a meal plan Thursday - Wednesday, the menu you chose from will begin delivery on the coming Sunday. The menu will be open for selection until Wednesday @ 12:00am (Midnight)! 


Auto billing options..
If you would prefer to have an auto billing and/or default menus for convenience, please contact us to accommodate your needs. 

Can I pick up my meals at the kitchen?
Unfortunately we do not do pickups at this time.  

How do I receive/use my coupon or promotional code?
All coupon codes will be submitted at the bottom of the menu selection form. If you are having an issue please contact us.  

Do you deliver smoothies or shakes?
Unfortunately we do not deliver shakes or smoothies....... YET**

What if my delivery is wrong or does not show up at the normal time?
If you receive the incorrect meals, please email, call, or text us ASAP and we will contact your driver or personnel to correct the error immediately. If for some reason we are unable to correct your order in a timely manner (within business hours) we will be happy to add an extra meal to any of your menu selections during the week in place of the incorrect meal.
If your meals haven't been delivered please contact us right away, but keep in mind Tallahassee is a busy city and because of road conditions, our drivers may be delayed slightly. Our drivers do their best to notify our team staff ahead of time so that we can accommodate you when receiving your call. Our drivers will also contact you if more than an hour past average delivery time out of courtesy to you.
DO keep in mind during your first couple days, we are here to accommodate you the best we can. If we do not acquire the information to carry out your delivery or process your order we will work together on fine tuning any corrections needed. PLEASE ensure you provide us with the most information possible during your first week!

Cancellation Policy:
If you choose to cancel your plan, you will continue to receive meals to finish the plan that you have already paid for. If you have questions email us ASAP! 

Refund Policy:
If for any reason a refund is issued there will be a $5.00 or 5% (which ever is greater) refunding fee and will automatically be withheld when processing your refund. If Refund is requested prior to allowing corrections to account or during first week there will also be a $25 account set up fee as well as the $5.00 or 5%. If you are on a monthly purchase, there will be a one week penalty for early termination after paid month. We do encourage you to work with us during the first week. We do our best to provide the most variety and accommodations possible and sometimes errors occur but are easily fixed by contacting one of team members to assist you further. Please allow all refunds 3-5 days to process (Excluding weekends).  If after the 5 days, you haven't seen your refund, please email us immediately and one of our team members will contact you asap!

Need my food at specific time?
If you need your food at a specific time of day that is outside our delivery hours please make arrangements by contacting one of our team members to best fit your request during our delivery hour times for your meals to be dropped off.

Can I mix and match portion sizes:

Please feel free to select different portion sizes at any time when submitting your order.